Edict of the Light: First Day of Legion Raid

It’s finally here! In a similar feeling you get when you charge down the stairs to check presents under the tree on Christmas Day the start of raids has arrived in the Legion expansion. For my guild, Incarnate, it was a major point that we’ve all been looking forward to so that we could all finally get together as a 28ish person roster and work together. While we’ve had very few new acquisitions to our roster in the past few months leading up the Legion, we have had very little time to progress on bosses together. Upon killing Mythic Archimonde last September we immediately had a large shake up in roster with many raiders quitting and many applying to join.


So, we started a few hours early to have an optional normal clear before our split heroic raids began. We had room for social members to join us and we packed our 35 person mumble to capacity. A staple of Incarnate has been very little Beta or PTR practice, but a high propensity for learning once they are thrown into the mix. As a result, we had a great deal of flops on normal and even some as heroic on day 1 killing four heroic bosses in our four hour raid night. I personally had a nice edge from testing the majority of Emerald Nightmare’s bosses but it also gave me a better chance to reinforce my thoughts on where the Holy Priest spec is headed in Legion in general.


This expansion is the first where I have been very involved with feedback and theory/feely-craft on forums/discord so I’ve been very eager for raids to release so I can finalize my thoughts on many topics. Now it is out and in comes the battle of the logs which will be poured over again and again to determine not only what type of style is better but also which classes/specs to bring. I personally am not concerned about my raid spot, but with Incarnate having a nearly 30 person roster I know many of them are and have a reason to be. While my guild does not have hard “cuts” for existing raiders, many are concerned with being benched when the real progression gets going. Emerald Nightmare has been a breath of fresh air for not only me personally, but for my guild which has raiders who’ve been in the guild for about a year but have never progressed on a raid boss with us.


Although, if the cost of consumables stays where it’s at right now then maybe we’ll see some raiders thrown into e-poverty and forced out of the raid team until they farm up what they need.




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