Jak's Interview with class designer Sigma at Blizzcon!

Just before BlizzCon 2017, Jak was able to sit down with Sigma and talk about class design philosophy! Summary below by MMO-Champion:

  • The team went into Legion knowing that they might have to revisit some of the classes that received major changes once player feedback was collected.
  • There most likely will not be complete class revamps again any time soon.
  • Mythic dungeons are a great way to show off each class’s unique toolkit.
  • The team likes classes having unique abilities.
  • Going forward a big question is what unique abilities each class should have.
  • The team wants to spread out class strength and weaknesses more.
  • Utility will be spread out and balanced more in the future.
  • Everyone should feel like they have some sort of cooldown to help them survive.
  • The best thing the team can do to help showcase unique abilities is to have more variety in dungeon encounters.
  • Talent tweaks and the future of the class artifact abilities are being looked at moving forward.
  • The passive health increase on Artifact Weapons was essentially to also help healers heal into a set of players with higher health pools who take more damage that stays balanced with the amount of healing done.
  • Thorns and other design elements are being experimented with more to counter the issue of healing getting boring as players get stronger.
  • The team is pretty happy with where raid cooldowns are at now.
  • Steady damage is important to the design of healing in encounters.

If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to watch the full video here:

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