Battle for Azeroth Discipline Priest Guide - Talents

Guide provided by Wowhead
Guide provided by Wowhead

Talent Builds

Generic Best

Looking for a quick Discipline Priest build? This is the right one for you! However, if you are looking into something more specific like serious raiding or Mythic+ Dungeons, check other builds.

  1. Level 15: Schism
  2. Level 30: Angelic Feather
  3. Level 45: Mindbender
  4. Level 60: Shining Force
  5. Level 75: Sins of the Many
  6. Level 90: Halo on single target, Purge the Wicked on multi-target
  7. Level 100: Evangelism


This Disc Priest build is focused primarily on the Legion-style of burst healing that we enjoyed last expansion in the raiding environment. Primary goal on setting up consistent bursts of healing within your Schism windows and heavy use of Smite within this time period. Sins is better than Shadow Covenant on encounters where additional damage will assist in reaching transition points or getting further in the fight. Halo is better on single target fights whereas Purge the Wicked is better on fights where you can effectively multi-dot.

Aggressive Mythic+

This Disc Priest build is focused primarily on dealing as much damage as possible while sustaining the group in a Mythic+ environment. This can leave your tank more vulnerable so be sure to be aggressive with using Rapture, Pain Suppression and Power Word: Barrier to support them.

Safe Mythic+

This Disc Priest build is focused on total safety in Mythic+ and works very well on difficult healer affixes like Grievous and Bursting. Recommended for new players or for groups where you are unfamiliar with the dungeons or the group you are running with. It also can become mandatory to run Twist with or without Shadow Covenant if you are interested in pushing high level keys where tanks are far less self-sustainable and need heavy additional healing.

Tier 1 (Level 15)
  • Castigation - Adds an extra tic to your Penance cast, solid and consistent. Low maintenance buff for an already underwhelming ability.
  • Twist of Fate - Strong buff that kicks in after healing a party member that drops low. Strong in a safe 5man build where your tank or party needs additional spot healing. The higher key that you go the quicker you must top them off, this is where Twist becomes a must have.
  • Schism - Strong damage boost on a low cooldown, can provide a strong damage increase on demand. Helpful for aggressive 5man builds and for powerful burst healing in raids.
Tier 2 (Level 30)
  • Body and Soul - Provides the flexibility of instantly casting a movement speed boost on any target, but with the now spammable Shield. Feather is often superior.
  • Masochism - Underrated defensive effect. Has some situational value in high Mythic+ where you need to reduce the damage that you take from scary Tyrannical bosses. Often moving out of danger faster with Feather is better than damage reduction, but Mythic+ bosses on high keys can have such heavy unavoidable damage that this talent can become mandatory the higher you go.
  • Angelic Feather - Consistent, allows pre-placement and priority is given to the caster, your go-to for mobility.
Tier 3 (Level 45) Tier 4 (Level 60)
  • Psychic Voice - Strong cooldown reduction to Psychic Scream. Decent for leveling, good uses as Area of Effect interrupt in 5man content.
  • Dominant Mind - llows you to keep your Mind Control'd enemy as a pet! Niche value, especially in 5mans. Controlling these mobs and moving them away while maintaining control over your character is very niche for recovering from dangerous situations in Mythic+.
  • Shining Force – Great displacement tool that can be cast on allies. Useful for helping tanks start kiting or creating space for yourself when leveling.
Tier 5 (Level 75)
  • Sins of the Many - Damage buff that is reduced by applying Atonements. Strong overall talent.
  • Contrition - ffers small extra healing when using Penance defensively. Weak in progression raiding and Mythic+ as you are often not incentivized to use Penance defensively and the heal effect is often not powerful enough to properly deal with harmful affixes.
  • Shadow Covenant - Strong, situational use for Mythic+ for quickly dealing with Grievous debuffs or Bursting effects. Also has seen a surge in farm/parse raiding due to the high healing output per mana cost (even considering the downside) giving the spec another opportunity to turn more mana or external mana cooldowns into higher HPS.
Tier 6 (Level 90)
  • Purge the Wicked - Replaces Shadow Word: Pain. Easy to spread dot with Penance with a longer duration. Strong in Mythic+ and go to talent in raids where a boss spawns adds that can easily spread the DoT to.
  • Divine Star - Your star will travel in a straight line away from you damaging and healing, then return to you. Both Star and Halo's damage only transfers to Atonement on the first target hit. Currently underwhelming talent.
  • Halo - A wide-reaching heal that is great for raids and the heal amount is no longer determined by the distance at which the ally is from you. If Halo hits them at 40 yards, they are healed for the same amount as if they were at 5 yards. Go to pick for single target raid bosses.
Tier 7 (Level 100)
  • Lenience - Artifact trait turned talent. Slight damage reduction per target affected by Atonement. Situational in raids, strong option in most Mythic+ environments.
  • Luminous Barrier - Replaces Power Word: Barrier and allows mass absorbs to be placed upon the entire raid. Incredibly niche value.
  • Evangelism - Extends the duration of all active atonements within range, top pick for raid encounters.

War Mode

A new change in BFA is the addition of War Mode. War Mode is a new World PvP system in Battle for Azeroth, along with the new Honor system and Honor Talents. You are now able to toggle War Mode while in Stormwind or Orgrimmar to gain access to PvP Talents in the outdoor world as well as other bonuses, like increased rewards from World quests and 10% extra experience. The downside is that you will always be in PvP combat mode, with the rewards counterbalancing that risk.

With that in mind, not all talents give the best throughput for your Discipline Priest. We've selected the best options for you to use while doing outdoor content with this mode turned on. Keep in mind that these are the best options for PvE activities and may differ from those used when fighting other players.

Crowd Control Talents

From a questing/leveling perspective, Relentless looks to be your best option as it will synergize best with open world content.

Non-CC PVP Talents

For this PvE oriented guide, this will look at talents that are best suited for solo leveling or questing content. Instanced and queued PVP talents will vary. Primary recommendations will be Dark Archangel, Searing Light and Trinity as the first two offer substantial damage increases while the final talent offers greater healing through Atonement, directly synergizing with the increased damage talents allowing you to "tank" more mobs or enemies during leveling. Other PVP talents will be more optimal when running with a group or when engaging in actual world or instanced PVP.

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