[Legion] Who Gets the Innervate?

My thoughts on how to determine who should receive Innervates and arguments you can use to try to get the innervate in your own raid group! Spreadsheet - Join us on Discord: Streaming Mythic Progression: Twitter: Written Guide -

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[Legion] Holy Priest Meta Update 2

A rundown of the important changes in gearing and playstyle as they occur in the Nighthold raid. Join us on Discord: Streaming Mythic Progression: Twitter: Written Guide -

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[Legion] Jak's UI Walkthrough

A quick rundown of my primary addons that I use in raids. Links below! Twitter - Live Stream with full addon list - Links; Raid cooldown list - Holy/Disc Healing Bars - Atonement Tracker - Elvui Profile, Miscellaneous Personal Weakauras, Pawn and Vuhdo Strings - **Pawn is an addon I forgot to mention that assists in comparing different items based on custom weights. The string in my pastebin above links directly to me strings for Holy Priest. UI Package - **Note** To import these, take each folder and copy them into your World of Warcraft files. Copy and Replace the Interface folder into your old Interface Folder and same to the WTF folder. You may lose some of your UI settings in the process so be careful! You have to rename my WTF folders to your character name and put it in your realm folder. it goes wtf\accountname\realm\character , rename my folders to fit your character and do the same for the global account one as well under WTF.

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