BFA's Raid Healing Post-Mortem

With BfA wrapping up I take the time to review the different ups and downs of BfA raids from a healer perspective as well as how the healer meta has changed over time and what Shadowlands may bring! Follow the stream! Join us on Discord: My UI: Twitter: Merch: Powered by Elgato:

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[Legion] State of Disc Priest - Patch 7.2.5

A look at the cataclysmic changes potentially coming to Disc Priest in 7.2.5 as the Tomb of Sargeras raid comes out! Balance Notes - Sigma's Response and Feedback Thread- Live Stream (addons listed here): Join us on Discord: Twitter: Written Guide -

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[Legion] Who Gets the Innervate?

My thoughts on how to determine who should receive Innervates and arguments you can use to try to get the innervate in your own raid group! Spreadsheet - Join us on Discord: Streaming Mythic Progression: Twitter: Written Guide -

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