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9.0.5's GAMECHANGERS for Discipline and Holy Priests!!

Discipline and Holy have both received new changes to their specializations in ways that will alter your priorities and gameplay in significant ways. In this video I detail the changes that Holy and Discipline Priest are facing in Patch 9.0.5 and discuss where I see both specializations going into Castle Nathria and future tiers.

Discipline's Spirit Shell change increases the demand for Spell Power and Intellect gains during our ramp window, making key trinkets like the PvP Badge even more imperative to acquire. Stamina no longer will determine the potential Spirit Shell cap and Spell Power * 11 will be the new cap.

Holy Priest have received some minor changes to the Flash Concentration Legendary and Divine Hymn which can further accelerate a more single-target focused build for the spec, further bolstered by the Fae Guardians buffs that will increase mana regen and cooldown reduction for Night Fae players. This can be leveraged extremely well for Mythic+ and Raids in the future but with Discipline likely still relying on the Venthyr covenant for raiding, this could make the decision more challenging for the multi-spec Priest.

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