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First Look 9.1 Disc Nerfs, Holy Buffs and Sanctum of Domination Raid Testing!

The first weekend of Sanctum of Domination testing is in the books and I wanted to give my INITIAL and First impressions on what the changes for Holy and Discipline Priest bring to 9.1's Patch the Chains of Domination.

We tested the Tarragrue and Guardian of The First Ones encounters and I wanted to give my perspective on where I think Disc will stand with the Spirit Shell nerfs and where Holy is heading following buffs to Symbol of Hope. I anticipate more healer changes to be on the way soonTM so definitely keep an eye out for more of these videos in the future!

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00:00 - Intro
00:53 - Disc Changes
05:36 - Holy Changes
08:58 - Guardian of the First Ones
10:44 - Tarragrue